What’s So Cool about Ikat Fabrics?

25/06/2015 12:45

I am addicted to fabrics. From Thai silks to Indian stamped fabrics, the world of fabrics has been my paradise. Needless to say, when ikat fabrics came into a trend I was very curious about them. In the past 10 years I've seen ikat fabrics on the net being made use of by high style designers to tantalize the globe and interior designers for adding a glimpse of chic ikat impact to their interiors. Mesmerized with bold ikat patterns and colors I set myself on an adventure to explore ikats. Get extra information about Upholstery Fabric Stores

Ikat is usually a fabric created employing a strategy of tying and dying fabrics in a certain way to make a desired pattern. The course of action is completely manual, very time consuming and needs a whole lot of precision. You may inform how several times the fabric was tied and dyed by the amount of colors within a pattern. Essentially, ikat fabric tying and dying measures are as follows:

1. Tie a yarn to close the places you do not choose to be effected by a dye
2. Submerge the yarn in dye - only untied regions might be dyed
3. Repeat 1 and 2 for each pattern color

This natural course of action of ikat fabric generating is clearly one of many motives why the planet is so obsessed with ikat fabrics in our mass production days - every single weave of the ikat fabric includes a human touch. Actually, some ikat fabrics are created with no any use of machinery but that's a topic to get a complete new article.

Purchasers bewareof fakes - not all ikats are trueikats! In efforts to minimize time and fees, the globe started replicating ikat patterns utilizing printing approach. So, yes, you might get an ikat pattern but that fabric doesn't qualify as correct ikat which was created using a genuine ikat creating technique.

It can be unclear when the ikatsoriginated and it can be most likely that the ikat technique created independently in various components from the planet. The boldest ikat patterns I've noticed happen to be Uzbekistan ikats - their patterns are bigger but quite substantial. The colors are significantly bolder and brighter - assume of hot pinks and tropical greens! Indonesian ikat patterns, however, are much more detailed, delicate and are often in deeper tones - think of wealthy reds, yellows and browns.

You cannot appreciate the beauty of ikat fabrics unless you really feel them. In the event you haven't done that, visit a fabric shop and or a dwelling decor retailer, which may perhaps carry exceptional fabrics from exotic lands and worship the workmanship. The content of fibers applied in Uzbekistanis usually a mix of silk and cotton, which yields this luxurious organic fabric. There are actually also pure silk ikats that are typically much more high priced and are made use of for creating hand woven silk scarves or gowns. You will discover also pure cotton or other fiber blend fabrics based on an ikat making culture. One factor they all have in frequent - they use natural fibers and it makes sense - ikat generating tradition goes towards the days when synthetic fibers didn't exist.

So if you ask me what makes ikat fabrics so cool, I would say - warmth of human hands felt in every single yarn of uncomplicated, all-natural yet so extremely luxurious fabrics.




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