The Rich and Elegant Design and style of Garnet Rings

30/03/2016 16:21

When thinking of acquiring a ring using a gemstone setting, you may consider the special design of your garnet rings. A garnet is actually a gemstone that has a deep rich red colour and is usually linked to love and romance. You may use this stone inside a setting in place of a traditional diamond, to make an original engagement ring. It could also be set in mixture with other gemstones to get a Mother's ring. Get extra details about garnet rings

A garnet gemstone is usually a stylish stone that looks excellent inside a selection of diverse settings. When placed inside a sterling silver band, it appears soft and elegant. This design and style is generally enhanced using the placement of extra smaller diamonds along the sides. It can also appear good when set within a gold band, which offers the stone a fiery and passionate character. The gem itself might be cut as a square cut stone, oval, round or even cushion style. Along with the different styles created to become feminine, you'll find some men's rings that use this stone as well.

The man's garnet ring will frequently be set inside a wider plain band of gold or silver. You could possibly locate a handful of which have some etching or design and style around the band in addition to a few that incorporate more gemstones. Because the garnet is a genuine gemstone it's sold by the weight, which will influence the value of your ring. You'll find some incredibly classic designs that use a stone weighing less than 1 carat, which are really reasonably priced.




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