How to Use a Bandsaw to Prepare Wood for Turning

06/05/2016 14:42

Woodturners possess the luxury of getting in a position to use all sorts of wood to which other woodworkers have only highly-priced access. In reality, several a woodturner will use firewood and logs designated for land fill instead of buying lumber that has been reduce to size and typically kiln dried. However, there is still a fair amount of labor that is definitely needed to acquire the wood to the lathe. Chain saws begin the method in addition to a fantastic band saw can do swift operate of acquiring the wood ready for the lathe. Get additional information about Elena

A turner will bring 4 basic types of wood to the lathe, log sections, bowl blanks, squares and sections of boards. The latter is utilized for specialty products and also the initially 3 are much more common. When a chain saw is the excellent tool for bucking saw sections to length, a bandsaw can conveniently be applied if a v block or clamp is applied to prevent the wood from rotating although a cut is becoming created.

The bandsaw for this and any cut in green wood should be setup using a three eighths inch, three tooth blade. A hook tooth style blade will cut aggressively in green wood and nonetheless have the ability to clear its gullets of wood chips and sawdust for secure, clean cutting. Ensure that the wood can't roll and that the blade is at appropriate tension. It need to be a brand new or freshly sharpened band.

Look at the preparation of a bowl blank. The chain saw is applied to cut a log section exactly the same length because the diameter on the log and then to reduce the section via the center of the log. This guarantees a flat surface to lie around the bandsaw table. A curved surface makes it possible for a roll that could pinch the band and result in a roll that could pull a hand in to the blade.

Now with the flat center of your log on the bandsaw table, it truly is protected to reduce a circle out on the half section of log. One of many easiest strategies to do so is usually to reduce out a series of circles from cardboard ranging from the smallest bowl you intend to turn to the biggest your lathe will manage. There is no point in attempting to turn an eighteen inch bowl on a fifteen inch lathe, it is going to just not match. Possessing tacked the circle to the log section it's basically a matter of cutting out the outline on the bowl by following about the circle. Take your time and enable the sawdust to clear the cut within the green wood. The heat of the reduce may cause the dust to expand. On the other hand, the pitch from the saw will alter with a clogged cut and slowing the reduce will enable the dust to clear, the pitch to drop as well as the cut to continue.

After there's a flat surface on which the log section can ride, the log could be trimmed to widths desired for squares. Each and every width can then be laid on its side and squared off. It truly is not needed a lot of the time for you to be fussy about the surfaces as they are going to be turned away. As is most factors in woodworking, it is a matter of measure twice and reduce as soon as. Recall that the left more than sections of log can normally be brought back towards the bandsaw to created smaller sized bowls or squares.

One of several wonderful secrets in woodturning would be the use on the bandsaw with its capability to make curved cuts quickly and safely. In cutting green wood it can be the usage of a narrow band with wide spaced teeth that tends to make the cuts function.




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