How to Apply Epoxy Floor Coatings

18/05/2016 10:58

Epoxy floor coatings are being requested a growing number of by dwelling owners who choose to add a layer of protection to their garage floors and/or make it look far better than the old concrete that it already has. The application of an epoxy coating will leave the floor using a long-lasting finish that protects the concrete from damage brought on by water or chemical compounds. They make it easy to keep floors clean as well as the shine lasts for a lengthy time. While lots of from the applications are created in newly built houses, do-it-yourselves can also turn applying a coating to their existing concrete floor a DIY project. Get extra information about epoxy floor Fort Collins

1. The first step is to pick out the coating that will deliver you with the finest final results. There are basically 3 unique varieties of coatings to choose from: 100% Solids, Water-Based, and Solvent-Based. Most pros advise not using the water-based coating in your garage floor since it is meant to be utilised as a primer in spite of your reality that it really is what is incorporated in quite a few DIY kits. This type of coating does guard against stains, chemical substances and abrasion but existing concrete needs to be de-greased before application. The exact same is correct for the solvent-based epoxy as the variety of solvent made use of is typically non-compliant with contemporary VO regulations.

The 100% Solid epoxy floor coatings are the most sturdy with the 3 types, producing them probably the most recommended for applying to garage floors. Although this sort is normally more pricey than the others, it really is efficient at guarding the floor in high-traffic regions, tire marks, abrasives and chemical substances. It is also hugely tough, lasting for so long as 20 years. Also, think about no matter if you want skid-resistant additives that can prevent the floor from becoming dangerous to walk on when wet.

two. Prep the floor. Even though this is probably the most time-intensive aspect from the procedure, failure to effectively prepare the floor will normally benefits in floor failure. If the concrete has been smoothly trowel, it'll must be roughened by using shot blasting or acid washing. Again, the much easier decision is definitely the acid washing but shot blasting will deliver much better benefits. Should you decide to accomplish the job right, neighborhood equipment rentals should have the shot blaster equipment necessary for the course of action. Having said that, many professionals get sufficient benefits by mopping on and rinsing off muriatic acid. Part from the prep also includes filling cracks and holes.

3. Epoxy floor coatings are often applied using a roller, though brushes can also be used. Following the initial coat, let the epoxy to remedy overnight. Apply a second coat and wait one more night to cure. You could wish to add yet another coat but never ever apply much less than two.

4. Decide should you will need to add a urethane coat for the prime in the epoxy for added strength and to enhance abrasion resistance. Most believe that is unnecessary but the choice is as much as you.

For those who have moisture issues inside your garage, you could possibly choose to employ specialists to apply epoxy floor coatings in order that they are able to address the difficulties prior to they apply. Otherwise, you can find yourself with issues that shorten the lifespan of one's new floor.




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