How Building Solution Firms Add Value for Their Prospects

19/01/2015 20:00

The newest Construction Trade Survey has revealed that within the final quarter of 2012, building industry output had declined by nearly 10% on the previous year; using a considerable reduction in orders and rising supply charges.

Although not surprising, admittedly this does make for depressing reading. Even so, there is a lesson for building product sales teams to find out here - a lesson which has to be taken on board if building solution providers are to stay competitive in such a challenging financial environment.

Study has shown that thriving corporations in all industries are guided by their own precise values; and know the accurate value of being capable to connect emotionally with their clientele. Sales teams within these organisations consequently operate challenging so as to construct a strong connection with each and every firm inside their client base; which in turn assists to see them via hard instances, for example the ongoing business downturn.

The essential to winning pitches and retaining clients then is always to take a proactive, not reactive strategy to sales and client care.

Whereas the traditional sales approach tends to focus on outlining the options and benefits of a product, in order to make it sound appealing to a consumer, a a lot more client-focused method has been verified to be more successful.

The sales expert will have to firstly and most importantly, listen for the wants of the consumer or possible buyer and subsequently supply distinct worth creating solutions which will assist them to stand out from the crowd and lend weight to their supplying. Each client's perception of worth should be identified and examined, with sales teams finding out how very best to present and deliver these specific values in the most productive way possible.

Actual examples of how construction product sales teams have demonstrated added worth to possible customers have incorporated:

· Reducing installation time by installing solutions on site

· Supplying competitive lengthy term guarantees, which the contractor can then pass onto the client

· Enabling the availability of more material if expected, at quick notice

· Agreeing to hold stock and deliver when expected to reduce waiting time and ease cash flow

· Making certain high quality goods, as a result engendering trust in the organisation and establishing a continuous strong connection

By aligning your buyer approach to that of your client, you may demonstrate how by operating together, you as an organisation can assist the consumer in not only sustaining or escalating levels of productivity and profitability; but in meeting particular organisation objectives.

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